“Every non-contradictory, non-paradoxical understanding of the nature of divinity is hopelessly far from the divine secret of life.” (Philosophy of the free spirit, Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev)


Fashion of Christ is a clothing line of hand printed, silk screened, unique pieces produced to order.

Fashion of Christ features seven designs based on drawings: Stone, Fire, Stick, Lamb Skin, Mother, Snakes and Earth. Drawings were made in a period of couple of years, capturing specific moments in my personal and artistic journey.

Fashion is by definition transformative, in constant change; Fashion of Christ is, on the contrary, static and repetitive on its outside form; I work with seven fixed images silkscreen printed on white and black textile tracksuits. Since I use only seven images they become almost iconographic; their meaning is accumulating through time, creating a constant movement on the inside of each drawing but also in relation between them and to anyone who wears Fashion of Christ.

Fashion of Christ emerged as I was searching for an art form, which can extend through space and time, which can resist both the physical confines of an art object and social confines of the art world, sometimes marginalized, other times elitist corner of the society.

In The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzsche talks about two different, contradictory aspects/values and sources of art in Helenic culture; Apollonian and Dionysian. Art is an urge for beauty, according to Apollo who, founded in human suffering, decides to build upon it a world of illusions and call it art; a picture perfect created out of need to cover up the reality of unbearable pain. On the opposite side of Apollo stands Dionysus, strongly rooted in his concept of immoderation, where contradiction could be understood through indulgence of that same pain and suffering the Apollo wanted to protect us from using art as veil. The greatest contradiction is not the co-existence of the two divided principles but their interdependence and unbreakable relation that ends up in Dionysus speaking in Apollo’s tongue and Apollo speaking in Dionysus's tongue, achieving the greatest goal of art in a collaborative form of Tragedy.

In my practice I am interested in discovering and working with both, in Helenic terms, Apollonian and Dionysian art, two contradictive yet interdependent principles of creation.

Fashion of Christ, contradictive in its very nature; form, name and concept, offers a singular understanding of two mutually opposed institutionalized structures- the fashion and the Christ- and the possibility for their coexistence in the form of art.

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Founder: Iva Supic Jankovic